VOCALTEKNIX is a DJ/VJ, Radio Host, Voiceover, and Beatmaker. Perfectly capable of adapting to many registers, VocalTeknix is the very definition of musical eclecticism.

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the genesis

Originally from the city of Metz, VocalTeknix was already passionate about mixing as a child. He began to make a name for himself at various clubbing events, bar in the area and quickly became a reference in the eastern region

“It was my uncle who gave me the desire to mix as a child I was going to him to see what he was doing behind the turntables. It always fascinated me to see the atmosphere it triggered in the room listening with a CD.”

A real music lover

Able to mix urban, electronic sounds, always with an Afro-Urban touch (Dancehall, Latino music, Afro Beat – Afro House). When asked to talk about his job:

“My goal is for my audience to have fun and in my opinion, to have fun, you have to go through the mixing of musical genres.”


Installed on the Capital in 2008 for his studies, it is in September 2013 that lives his first entrepreneurial adventure.

VocalTeknix collaborates with the music channel Trace Urban and offers TRACE VIDEO MIX. The show becomes the reference of the video mix. The success is immediate, because he proposes to mix the latest video hits, accompanied by mashup, remix and other visual creations made by him but also by the collaborations he develops with other DJ/VJ.

The concept is original and innovative broadcast in 160 countries, reflecting the artist’s constant renewal.

“I’ve always wanted to highlight the DJ culture, which is extremely vast musically and visually.”

But it is in the live that he best illustrates himself and conquers the dancefloors around the globe (South Africa, France, Kenya, Luxembourg, Uganda, Belgium, Canada..) From the festival to the club the VocalTeknix experience makes sense during these DJ/VJ set.